ul. Marii Curie 2,
59-850 Świeradów-Zdrój

New Approaches to Literacy

KA2 Project


Learning through reading.


Joint exchange of experiences


Getting to know new cultures and places.

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Miejski Zespół Szkół Miejski Zespół Szkół (MZS) is the complex of schools and a kindergarten located in Świeradów-Zdrój. MZS consists of a primary school (236 pupils) and a middle school. The age of pupils in our primary school is 6/7- 13. The kindergarten is located in another building and children there are aged 3- 6. Our primary school is divided into 6 grades.


Children learn subjects such as: Polish, English, German, math, science, history, PE, RE, ICT, art, music, technology. Apart from compulsory classes they can attend some extra-curricular clubs such as: tourist club (we have got one of the best such clubs in Poland), art club (our biggest pride is the music group which plays ancient music of the Middle Ages - Rocal Fuza - they have won a lot of prizes in Poland as well as abroad), sports club (we specialise in biathlon and athletics), ICT club, first aid club. During the school year we organise various excursions and trips for our students. We propose activities and learning skills which stimulate an awareness of the world around them and help the children to cultivate a European spirit. Our students are always involved in cultural events which are organised in our town. They always prepare performances for Independence Day, and other national and religious holidays.


Miejski Zespół Szkół cooperates very closely with Forestry, library, Municipality and the local church. We also support charities. In our primary school we offer our students some special help when they have any special needs or difficulties in learning, so our teachers are prepared for teaching children with disabilities (we have got 2 of them – one with mild mental retardation, and one with multiple disabilities), we also help students with such needs as hearing impairment, dyslexia or lack of behavioural skills (we organise for them special activities e.g. speech therapy etc. and in cooperation with parents, psychologists and pedagogists we prepare special therapeutic plans of work).


The crucial issues for our teaching staff and students are: curiosity of the world, openness, flexibility, enthusiasm for constant development. We have a lot of dedicated teachers who are willing to work and broaden their experience in various educational fields.


We are also proud of well-equipped classrooms; we have got 2 IT labs, modern computers with the internet access, TV sets in almost every classroom and 5 interactive whiteboards.

It is worth mentioning that our school has experience in two Comenius projects.