ul. Marii Curie 2,
59-850 Świeradów-Zdrój

New Approaches to Literacy

KA2 Project


Learning through reading.


Joint exchange of experiences


Getting to know new cultures and places.

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Turkey TEMA Primary School, which was founded on 18.08.2014 in Ankara / Turkey, has 191 students including Kindergarten and Primary School.


One of TEMA Primary School’s guiding principles is to focus on preparing children for life. With the aim of carrying out the cognitive, social, affective, physical and moral development of the students successfully, TEMA Primary School accomplishes with applications such as Tema – LOG Blended Learning, Tema – TİM, Tema – Q, Tema – TİK. This quaternary structure, in which the entire educational program takes place, meets the needs of our students to be competent individuals and prepares them for life.


TEMA students are closely involved to courses "Competence and Personal Development" within the scope of diction, manners, values education, character education, leadership, and Brain Games such as team games, Logic Execution Practices and Mental /Arithmetic games, board games and applications that support creativity through mind games, sports, drama activities, rhythm and fashion. Our school is equipped with a brand-new library and state-of-the-art IT such as computers, smartboards, projectors and software systems. We also offer DIY lab where children can work together to make crafts and build structures with recycled materials.

The grounds feature sports pitches, swimming pools and PE play areas. In addition to the regular curriculum, our pupils take part in a wide range of after-school clubs including drama, sports, nature and recycling, media and fashion design. Beyond that, we constantly arrange a wide variety of trips and extra-curricular activities such as bowling tournaments, children brunch, day trips to museums, monuments, parks and universities. Our privileged location in the very heart of Turkey, with its rich history, wonderful traditions and vibrant culture, provides many opportunities for learning outside the classroom. 

As the capital city, Ankara integrates all the vitality of a modern metropolis with a deep sense of heritage.